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What are Portals?

Portals are smart contracts and adapters that take advantage of and build upon the composability of DeFi. They enable anyone to create complex interactions by bundling actions from various platforms together to create atomic transactions. This allows for a wide range of use cases that were not possible before.

With over 20,000 supported tokens across the most popular EVM chains, the combinations are endless!

Gasless Transactions

Gasless transactions are powered by the Galaxy Broadcasting System (GBS). The GBS allows you to execute any transaction without having to worry about gas, failed or stuck transactions, and you do not need to hold the native token of the chain you are using.

The GBS works automatically in the background and allows any token to be used for gas, including LP tokens. In addition, the GBS works with any protocol, including for swaps executed on Curve.fi, Uniswap, or Balancer, or for zaps on protocols like Gearbox or Convex.

Any-to-Any Swaps

With Portals, you can swap almost any transferrable ERC20 token for another token. For example, you can trade a Yearn Vault token for a Beefy Vault token, or swap a Stargate LP token for a Curve LP token directly.

Swap Example


Portals also enables you to add or remove liquidity from multi-asset opportunities like Curve pools, Yearn vaults, and more with a single token. For example you can enter a Yearn vault containing the Curve 3EUR LP (agEUR, EURT, and EURS) with WBTC and then exit into USDC before moving onto another opportunity.

Single sided liquidity example

Simple swaps

In addition to the more complex use cases, Portals also allows you to swap basic tokens directly. For example, you can swap ETH for DAI at the best market rate via our DEX aggregation feature.

Swap Example

To start using Portals check out our guide here

Is there a Fee?

Portals charges a default fee of 0.15% per transaction.